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Learn About Cryptocurrencies across the world and explore the secrets behind this breakthrough innovation.

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Get updates about how different technologies are creating an impact on financial institutions as well as end-users of financial services.

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Understand the mechanism of blockchain technology - The next big thing after the internet. It has several applications including Triple Entry Accounting, Elections, Medical records, and educational records, etc.

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Blockchain Vs Internet – Basics

There is a new technology that has the power to revolutionize people, businesses, and the way the world interacts. This unprecedented and revolutionary technology is called Blockchain. All cryptocurrencies work on this technology. However, people have started realizing that blockchain is far beyond just cryptocurrencies. It has numerous applications which can change the world we…

Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability (CBDC) | New Forms of Digital Money

Firstly, let’s start by explaining Central Bank Digital Currency, i.e., CBDC, which necessarily denotes the fiat-like currency of a nation. These are mostly present by making utilization of electronic records or digital token to represent the virtual form. It has been years since digital currencies have started dominating the complete framework, just like some cryptocurrencies such…

“Blockchain is the only solution for financial inclusion” – Alexi Lane, Founder and CEO at Everex.io

Take a deep dive into this conversation with Mr. Alexi Lane, fintech, blockchain and payments technology entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Everex.io, a Stablecoin backed virtual card with instant settlements for internet merchants. Powered by blockchain technology Everex was the first company to introduce the application of Stablecoins in low-cost instant payment settlements for online…